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The Finnish mailing list ”Kantoliinakanava” originates back to the year 2002. It was established by Ms Bettina Lindblom and the information about the new discussion forum spread through other parenting forums. Quickly the mailing list had about 50 members, both beginners and experienced baby carrier users.

Right from the beginning the mailing list has offered some practical help in tying the sling. There has always been someone who has been able to give advice in the wrap-cross-back-carry hold or how to “hump” the baby into the kangaroo hold in the ring sling.

Gradually the number of members grew and now (February / 2007) it is a giant mailing list with over 1700 members. Nevertheless, the basic idea of the mailing list still remains the same: it offers some support, provides carrying hints and compares members’ experiences and different slings. The veteran members probably know the answers to the most common questions by heart: “Hi, I’m XX tall and weigh XX kg, what length sling should I have?” Or: “Help me, I’m lost in the jungle of slings, which sling should I buy?”

Besides advice and practical comments about slings and carrying, the mailing list is also full of moving stories about babies carried both in everyday life and in festivities. Sometimes the materialism is in high demand and comparison of new slings and seasonal colours keeps the mailing list busy. Babywearing is a hobby that can really become addictive.

Members of the “Kantoliinakanava” – mailing list have put up these web pages. The purpose of these home pages is to create as comprehensive information package as possible about baby carriers, without the commercial connections.

The idea of the “Kantoliinakanava” home page started naturally on the mailing list, and after some months of developing and producing, the new home page was set up and running on 9th of June, 2003.

Since these home pages are maintained by volunteers and updated in own time this is not a fully comprehensive information source of all slings on the market. The most up-to-date information about the slings can be asked directly from the manufacturers, importers and retailers.

We hope you find these home pages useful, whether you are a beginner or experienced in using slings.

The mailing list “Kantoliinakanava” is open for everyone who is interested in carrying a baby – however, the mailing list is conducted only in Finnish.

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